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Written by: Frank Iacono

Joleene DesRosiers Moody

Joleene DesRosiers Moody is a former central New York television reporter and anchor. During her career in television she helped people through her investigative work and human-interest stories. However, through those years, Joleene suffered the wrath of addiction, loss through death, relationship challenges, and other personal struggles, eventually hitting rock-bottom.

As a reporter and anchor, Joleene saw people fight — and fight hard — to overcome obstacles every day, and it gave her the strength to stand up and do the same for herself. After struggling for years in a place that didn’t satisfy her true personal dreams and desires to write and speak and inspire on stage, she bravely left the security of her job to embark on a journey that allowed her to unearth her greatest dreams and desires while profiting generously at the same time.

Today, Joleene is a powerful keynote speaker, author, blogger, and business consultant. Her message helps those who want to uncover and discover who and what they are truly meant to be and do. As a speaker and trainer, she serves business and organizations, helping them improve communication, speaking and presenting so they are effective selling their message.

In this edition of The Creative Spotlight, I had the pleasure of interviewing Joleene DesRosiers Moody and asking her questions about her background as a reporter and anchor, her overall career, her first published book, and her upcoming public speaking engagements.

Q&A Session

The Creative Spotlight: At what age did you become interested in working in the television industry as a reporter and anchor? And, who or what inspired you to pursue a career in that profession?

Joleene DesRosiers Moody: I was a local television reporter and anchor in Central New York for ten years. I’ve always wanted to be “in the spotlight,” if you will, and never had a problem being front and center. Since I was a kid, I was intrigued with the notion of being on television. I remember a local commercial for a rug company where the spokesperson was the daughter of the owner. I turned to my Dad and said, “I want to do that someday.” And now I do! Outside of writing and speaking, I actually belong to a talent agency and do local and national commercials all the time. It’s a riot. My ultimate goal is to actually be in a highly distributed film with a significant part. I auditioned for a big movie recently, but wasn’t chosen. I would have been an extra in the background, but hey, it’s a start, right?


TCS: For the benefit of those who may not be too familiar with Joleene DesRosiers Moody or your overall body of work, please describe for us your career at a glance.

JDM:I am a creative soul that inspires other creatives to delve into their passion and discover how to monetize from those passions. As a professional speaker, I deliver keynotes that inspire my audience to “Take Your Voice Back.” Too often we listen to the debilitating voice of others that stomp on our dreams and tell us we are foolish for having them. One is never too old to do or be anything.

I am a writer, too. I LOVE to write. I love, love, love it. And I was guilty of listening to those voices that told me (and still tell me) I can’t ever make money as a writer. So for years I buried the desire. I have recently unleashed the writer beast in me, and am working with a producer in Hollywood on a screenplay that I’ve written. I also had the honor of seeing a comedic play I wrote unfold on the stage here in Syracuse, New York. I am the author of three books and most recently, started a blog. I am also a ghost blogger for other entrepreneurs. Additionally, I am a business magazine journalist and columnist. As outgoing as I can be, it seems I’ve become more complacent to stay home with my dogs and write, write, write. I am following my passion and learning how to monetize from it. I can’t think of a better way to live life.


TCS: How do you think being a former central New York television reporter and anchor prepared you for your career as a creative coach, speaker, author, and playwright?

JDM: Oh, what a great question. As a reporter, I learned how to ask questions that evoke emotion. As an anchor, I learned how to look confident, even when I wasn’t. I also learned how to write short, powerful, accurate stories. I learned how to get to the point. I’ve been a magazine journalist for the past 9 years. Let me tell you, I am LUCKY. My editor really appreciates my work. Too often in too many newsrooms, the reporters and journalists are considered “a dime a dozen.” So if one leaves, it’s no big deal. They are quickly replaceable. I recently had words with my editor over an incident and told him I was done writing for him. I have to say, I wasn’t very nice. I fully expected him to watch me happily walk out the door. But he didn’t. He didn’t want me to quit writing for him. He told me my work was valuable and was actually changing the readership of the magazine. Honestly, I was stunned. Freelance writers are everywhere. He could have told me good-bye and to not let the door hit me in the ass on the way out. But he didn’t. He clearly valued me and my work. That situation improved our relationship.

Being a reporter also taught me how to sell, believe it or not. There is nothing like knocking on the door of a mother that just lost her child and asking her to let me shine a light in her face and shove a microphone under her nose. I am the LAST person she wants to talk to. I quickly learned compassion. I made our conversation about her. I never made it about me. Sure, I had to have my story written and edited for the 5 o’clock news and sure, I had to compete with other stations and getting her reaction would put us at the top — but when I learned to really feel the struggle and come in as a compassionate, genuine person, I was often successful. It’s like that with sales. Don’t be pushy. Be real. It will take you miles. This is also what made me a successful business coach. I don’t coach anymore, but when I did, I turned out very successful, happy clients. They trusted me. And they trusted me because I was real.


TCS: Can you give us at least three “Good to Know” facts about you?

JDM: Yes, here are three “Good to Know” facts:

  • I love dogs. I often toy with the idea of starting a rescue on three acres of land. However, I kind of need to have the land first.
  • I don’t take shit from anybody. I’m 43 years old. I’m living for me. As loving as I am, I’m not afraid to tell someone how I feel.
  • I am a neat freak. My house is always in order, always clean.

TCS: Tell us about the concept behind your first paperback book released in 2012 entitled Memoirs of Normalcy: Journey from Sedentary to Extraordinary?

JDM: I wrote Memoirs of Normalcy: Journey from Sedentary to Extraordinary two years after I left my career in news. What I did was brave. It was bold. I quit my job with no plan. Well, sort of. My plan was to become a speaker and writer. That’s all I knew. I didn’t know how to do it, but I knew I would figure it out along the way. And I did. So I wrote the book to inspire others to do the same. I don’t mean I expect everyone in the world to quit their jobs if their unhappy, but I think sometimes the right words from the right person can nudge them in the right direction. I am a huge risk taker — so for me to quit without a “sure thing” to step into was quite shocking to many. 95% of the population wouldn’t do that. But the truth is, when your back is up against the wall, you will always figure it out.

TCS: From Memoirs of Normalcy, can you tell us specifically what you mean by “Do I Stay? Or Do I Grow?

JDM: You can either stay where you are, miserable, afraid, and unhappy, or you can grow into the remarkable soul you were meant to be. An alarming number of people choose to stay. My work with my voice and my words is to encourage them to grow.

TCS: Share with us some of the details surrounding your recent conversation with follow motivational and inspirational keynote speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger?

JDM: I bought Patrick’s course on how to find paid speaking opportunities to see how it compared with my own experience. I have two audio courses and two e-books that teach people this very thing, but I wanted to see what I didn’t know. After going through the course, there were some “holes” in the information that still had me asking questions. So I emailed him and asked him if I could buy an hour of his time to fill in those holes. He agreed. I paid him $125 bucks and asked him whatever I wanted. He was great. He was very professional, very on point. I wanted to record him so I could take notes and refer back to our talk, but I couldn’t find my digital recorder. So I attempted to record him on my computer, but the app kept freezing. All I could think was, “Universe, why don’t you want me to have this information?” I know now it’s because the Universe has been pushing me to write first and speak second. Of course I got TONS form it, but he gave me specifics that I couldn’t write down fast enough. ANYWAY…it turns out I was doing and teaching exactly what he was, only he makes the search a full-time gig. It’s a LOT of work looking for paid speaking opportunities, but once you get in on the ground floor of a few, you’re golden.

TCS: Tell us about what you mean when you say “Take Your Voice Back” in a powerful 3-minute video you created back in November of 2014?

JDM: Oh my gosh, I forgot about this video! I created it for an international speaking organization and they put it in their virtual newsletter. The idea of the “Take Your Voice Back” campaign is to encourage others to stop letting others speak for them. To stop letting others take your voice away when you express your wants and desires. I seriously believe that’s why so many of us are crippled in fear; we take the opinions of others as gospel. If we are told at an early age that we can’t have something, we believe it. And so we “stay” unhappy. When we decide to take our voice back, all of that changes — and we step into a place where we really can live out our dreams and desires.


TCS: Provide us with some background on the podcast you did on the topic of “Kicking Fear in the Face”?

JDM: Ah, that was a fun podcast to do. “Kicking Fear in the Face”. Yeah. We can never fully get rid of fear. It’s the polar opposite of love, and without fear we wouldn’t know love. That being said, we have to learn how to go through life with fear by our side. That doesn’t mean we have to accept it and let it take us over, it simply means we have to learn how to manage it. I like to “kick” it out of my way. Once I do, I am able to stand firmly in front of someone and say, “Look. You are struggling in business and it’s killing you. It’s hurting you. Here’s how I can help.” By finding someone’s pain, you can make them understand that they won’t successfully grow in business until they admit they are IN pain…and are willing to do something about it. So much fear keeps them from making a phone call or having a conversation that could sell their services. They are scared to death that selling means they are being pushy. Well, it’s only pushy if you make the close of the sale about YOU. Remember, make it about them.


TCS: Can you share with us some of details surrounding your podcast appearance on Business Women Rock entitled “How to Build a 6 Figure Speaking and Consulting”?

JDM: I invest in myself regularly. For 8 months, I was a guest on a series of Podcasts because I hired Jessica Rhodes, Founder and CEO of Interview Connections, to book me. She booked me at least 3 to 4 times a month. Those interviews helped me grow exponentially.


TCS: Have you embraced social media marketing strategies to promote and market your business?

JDM: Yes, I have used social media to market upcoming speaking engagements, and stay connected with my audience via the following vehicles:

  • Facebook – I’ve utilized Facebook ads and I DON’T love them. I think entrepreneurs and coaches have infiltrated this marketing practice to the point that it’s often unbearable. I never liked doing them. I never really profited from them, either. I know lots of people have, so let me be clear that I’m only sharing my experience.I don’t post much on Facebook these days, unless I’m sharing a post of a missing dog, or sharing my upcoming #Blab episode for my show called #SpeakerPro. Blab is a Twitter platform. It’s live video and is often used to host live interviews. I focus on a topic for speakers, invite expert guests, and viewers can come into the room to watch and listen.
  • Twitter – I tweet every day. That’s been my goal the last three months. I never really engaged in Twitter until then. I use Tweetdeck to “stack” my tweets. It’s driven more traffic to my site and helped me sell lots more eBooks.
  • YouTube – I used to do video blogs called ‘Rapid Fire Coaching,’ so I utilized YouTube that way. Now I use YouTube to upload my #Blab interviews.
  • Pinterest – I utilize Pinterest to promote to “Take Your Voice Back,” the insanely honest, fun, and highly informational blog for creative entrepreneurs
  • Instagram – I utilize Instagram to market the “Take Your Voice Back,” blog to creative entrepreneurs
  • Google + – I don’t really use Google+. I never really got into it. I have an account, but I’m not active on it.

TCS: Nowadays, what does an average workday consist of for Joleene DesRosiers Moody?

JDM: It really does vary. Some days I stay home all day, writing in my jammies. If I’m not writing, I’m searching for speaking gigs. If I’m not searching for speaking gigs, I’m stacking my tweets for Twitter. If I’m not stacking, I’m tinkering with my website. If I’m not tinkering, I’m traveling to a gig. No single day is ever the same.


TCS: In an article entitled “Use Failure As A Lesson For Growth” can you describe for us what was the most eye-opening failure that you experienced?

JDM: Definitely the bombed talk I speak about in that article. That particular article is my column, Entrepreneurs Edge, which is published monthly in the business magazine I write for. I chose to write about my bombed talk because:

  • It happened in the region where the magazine is published and I knew all eyes would read it,
  • Every single person in the world is going to have something horrible happen to them that is going to make them want to run and hide.

This was eye opening because it made me realize that not everyone is going to love me. Innately, we all want to be liked and accepted. But the truth is, that’s never going to be. Having that experience made me realize that we always have miles to go in love, life, and in business. We never truly “arrive.” Life is a journey, right? Even as a seasoned speaker, I am still prone to mistakes. For those that didn’t read the article, I delivered a comedic/inspirational talk that was NOT well received. It happens. It took me several weeks to get over it. But I learned. And while I doubted myself as a pro for a little while there, I came out even more humble than before, which made me realize that humility is an incredible gift.


TCS: Tell us about the most exciting personal leadership productivity keynote speaker event you’ve participated in and are there any upcoming speaking engagements we should know about?

JDM: I would have to say it was in 2012 when I spoke for the New York State Association of Tax Receivers and Collectors (NYSATRC). These people were thirsty for motivation. It was a private speaking event with roughly 150 people in the room. I sold 100 books that day. They LOVED the message of taking their voice back. That room went from tired and exhausted to alive and hopeful. I don’t have any public speaking engagements scheduled for 2016. Most of what I do now are private (e.g., Colleges, Business Retreats).

TCS: What is one significant message you want to convey to someone attending your public speaking engagements?

JDM: Stop listening to other people that don’t follow their heart. Seriously. One of my favorite quotes is from Brene Brown: “If you aren’t in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.”

When we lament about what we want to do with our lives and how we want to do it, we are getting our asses kicked emotionally. When someone gives us their feedback on why we shouldn’t do something and how it won’t work and blah, blah, blah, we need to remember those very words. DO WHAT YOU WANT. Who gives a “bleep” what others say. If they can’t have it, neither can you. That’s basically what they’re saying when they tell you your dream is foolish. I want my listeners and readers to go after it anyway.

Books from Joleene DesRosiers Moody

How to Write a Talk That Sells

How to write a Talk that sells
How to Write a Talk That Sells is specifically for those that need guidance with delivering talks that sell. And by sell, I mean talks that transform and move listeners to take action and buy from you, whether you deliver a keynote or a presentation. In the end, the right people will be attracted to you and your work. They will follow you on social media and attend your workshops. They will buy your books and contract to work with you.

How To Find and Create Paid Speaking Opportunities

How To Find and Create Paid Speaking Opportunities is for creative artists, writers, speakers, entertainers, and entrepreneurs that want to make money doing what they love. It’s for any creative soul, really, any divine heart that wants to tell his or her story by speaking and teaching their truth. This book is going to show you how to do that. You will be successful at this, but you must be diligent and dedicated.

Memoirs of Normalcy: Journey from Sedentary to Extraordinary

Memoirs-of-NormalcyMemoirs of Normalcy: Journey from Sedentary to Extraordinary chronicles the story of how Joleene left her television news job while inspiring others to follow their own passions and talents to create a profitable and fulfilling career. For many, it gave them the courage they needed to leave behind the places, people, and things that caused them pain. Discover how a few simple changes, coupled with faith, can give you the life and the work you long to have.

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