About TCS

The Creative Spotlight

Every good story needs a good storyteller. And since 2012, The Creative Spotlight has truly provided a quality forum for sharing those great stories.

The Creative Spotlight began in March of 2012, when I interviewed Steve O’Driscoll, a long-time friend and business colleague, who published his first book called Rendezvous in Quebec. Since then, The Creative Spotlight has grown into a highly educationally-based blog featuring local and national musicians, artists, business owners, motivational speakers, photographers, and other published authors.

Today, The Creative Spotlight can be considered the ultimate destination for unearthing a wealth of undiscovered talent, reading exciting interviews, sharing helpful tips and tricks, and learning valuable news and information that you can use…plus lots of great ideas for enriching your life and enjoying yourself.

Meet The Team

The Creative Spotlight team consists of:

  • Frank Iacono – President & CEO / Content Development
  • Celeste Iacono – Writer, Photographer and Videographer

Contact The Creative Spotlight

If you would like to be interviewed for The Creative Spotlight, please contact us at fviacono@yahoo.com.

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