Paranormal Articles

Paranormal activities are phenomena that cannot easily be explained and are outside the parameters of human experience. Signs of paranormal activity are diverse, from common reports of ghostly knocks and people seeing shadowy forms out of the corner of their eyes, to doors opening by themselves, moving objects and ghostly apparitions.

Kitsie Duncan – Paranormal Researcher

Oddity Files Kitsie Duncan

For over twelve years, Kitsie Duncan and her crew at the Oddity Files have investigated some of the most infamous haunted locations in the world. From those investigations, the team came away with evidence that not only proves those locations are haunted but that the spirits occupying those places have a unique story to tell.

Sean D. Austin: Singer-Songwriter, Paranormal Investigator & Demonologist

Sean Austin is a singer-songwriter, published author, paranormal investigator and demonologist. Currently, Sean is starring on the Travel Channel’s new paranormal show called Ghost Loop. Previously, he also starred on the Destination America Network (Discovery Channel) pilot series The Demon Files with retired NYPD police officer-turned-demonologist, Ralph Sarchie, upon whom the movie Deliver Us from Evil was based.

Jim Werner: Pennhurst School and State Hospital

Jim Werner: Pennhurst School and State Hospital

In 1903, the Pennsylvania Legislature authorized the creation of the Pennhurst State School and Hospital. The institution officially opened its doors on November 23, 1908, and served the mentally and physically disabled individuals of Southeastern PA. In 1987, the facility officially closed its doors and the network of buildings was neglected and left to the tortured, sad spirits.

Eastern State Penitentiary: America’s Most Historic Prison

Eastern State Penitentiary: America’s Most Historic Prison

Construction of the Eastern State Penitentiary, America’s most historic prison, began on a cherry orchard outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1822. The chosen design created by British-born architect John Haviland was a technological marvel which consisted of seven wings of individual cell blocks radiating from a center hub; this was unlike any other prison design seen before the penitentiary opened in 1829.

Randy Bates: Haunted Attractions

Randy Bates – Haunted Attractions

In 1991, Randy Bates, better known as the mayhem-keeper, opened The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride, located on Arasapha Farm in Glen Mills PA. The Halloween attraction features a combination of high tech animatronics, digital sound and light systems, and professional actors. The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride is a member of America Haunts, the national coalition of America’s best haunted attractions.