Sheronda Seawright: Photographer

Written by: Frank Iacono

Sheronda Seawright

Over the last 10 years, interest in photography has exploded, largely due in part to the developments in digital photography. Cameras and computers have become cheaper and more powerful, software more sophisticated and printers can now print photos that are as good, if not better, than anything produced in a chemical darkroom.

For Sheronda Seawright, she always had an incredible passion for photography but after the birth of her son, Cameron, she decided to pursue her dream. Sheronda describes photography as a way to express creativity and share her vision with family, friends, business associates and clients. Capturing special moments through photography has had a huge impact on her life. She believes that the beauty of life is in the details. With that, she strives to capture those details— the loving connection between mother and child, a husband gazing into his wife’s eyes, the playful spontaneity of a child playing outside— because those are the details we remember when we think of our favorite moments.

Approximately 10 months ago Sheronda created CamSea Photography (now Sheronda Seawright Photography) and I am happy to have her join me in this edition of The Creative Spotlight to share what inspires her to be a photographer.

Q&A Session

TCS: What made you get interested in photography?

Sheronda Seawright: I became interested in photography by looking at magazine photographs and other images that moved me in some way shape or form. I wanted to learn how to acquire the skill necessary to create and reproduce such images.

TCS: When did you become interested in photography?

SS: I became truly interested in pursuing photography professionally once my son Cameron was born. I loved capturing all of his precious moments in photographs and I wanted to know how to take better portraits not only for me but for others. My son has made my interest in photography became a passion.

TCS: Who or what influenced you to become a photographer?

SS: As I mentioned, Cameron is the person who motivated me to become a professional photographer. Once he was born my life completely changed.


TCS: Why is photography so important to you?

SS: Taking a picture is a great way to preserve a special moment for a lifetime. The emotion I feel when I look at photographs from my wedding, my son as a baby, and even myself as a child I feel myself reliving each of those special moments all over again. It is important for me to create these lasting memories for all of my clients.

TCS: What did you do to gain so much knowledge in photography?

SS: Besides taking photography courses, I’ve conducted research online and read a number of photography books to further expand my knowledge.

TCS: If you weren’t doing photography what would you be doing?

SS: Being such an artistic person, if I wasn’t a photographer I would definitely being doing something to express myself creatively while making others happy.

TCS: How would you describe your photography style (i.e., formal, traditional, contemporary, photojournalistic, etc.)?

SS: My portrait photography really depends on my clients. For more formal portraits, I use a traditional approach but for location family portraits my style is more contemporary. My event photography is photojournalistic.

TCS: Do you believe in the expression “A picture is worth 1,000 words”?

SS: Absolutely! There is a photograph I can recall from my wedding that the photographer took during our reception. It is me looking into my husband’s eyes while he touched my cheek. There were so many feelings of joy going through me at that time that I cannot even put into words. It was a candid shot I had no idea the photographer took, yet it is my favorite photograph from that day.

TCS: Do you have a favorite photograph that you’ve taken? If so, why?

SS: One of my favorite photographs is a portrait I took of a dancer (top left shown below) during a location shoot. I really like the photograph because not only is her face stunning, but she posed for the photograph on pointe which I thought was a nice touch.

Sheronda Seawright Photography Sheronda Seawright Photography Sheronda Seawright Photography
Sheronda Seawright Photography Sheronda Seawright Photography Sheronda Seawright Photography

TCS: Do you think that society would be different if photography was never invented? And, why?

SS: Yes, mainly because there would be no way to capture and preserve memories of an occasion or a specific stage in life.

TCS: What is your favorite camera and why?

SS: The best camera I’ve had thus far is the Nikon D5000 because it is my first “serious” camera.

TCS: Does the price of a camera matter in ways that it affects the quality of the picture?

SS: I think what truly affects the quality of the picture is the person operating the camera, not the price of the camera. Someone can have the most expensive camera on the market but if he/she does not know how to do simple things like correctly adjust the camera settings or frame the image than the quality of the picture is comprised.

TCS: In your opinion, what makes a good photographer?

SS: A photographer is someone who understands the technicality and skill that is involved in taking a good picture. A good photographer is someone who not only has the skill to use a camera but someone who can pull out the emotion in a photograph. Additionally, a good photographer is someone who is aware and sensitive to the subject(s) he or she is photographing.

TCS: In your opinion, what makes photography an art?

SS: Anything that can draw out emotion and set a specific mood in an artistic way (in my opinion) is art. I played the viola for over 10 years and the emotion that I drew from my music was artistic. Photography is no different.

TCS: What motivates you to do what you do as a photographer?

SS: My clients are my biggest motivator. I did a photography session with a mother and her teenage daughter. She advised me that the session they had scheduled with me was the first time they had their portraits taken together. Once she reviewed her portraits during our session review she began to cry because she was so pleased with the photographs. That reaction is what drives me to do what I do.

Sheronda Seawright Photography Family Image

TCS: Can the customer keep and/or buy the negatives?

SS: To date, I have not allowed my clients to retain a CD containing all of images from a session. I value my work and do not want to give away my copyright unless the situation truly warranted the transfer of ownership.

TCS: Do you shoot in mostly color, black and white, or both? And, why?

SS: I shoot all my images only in color because I enjoy the vivid look those images have. However, there are some more dramatic images that can only be achieved in black and white too. As a result, I shoot in color however because my images are digital I do at times convert the color image into black and white.

TCS: During most jobs, do you typically shoot digitally or with film? And, why?

SS: I currently only own a digital camera so I only shoot digitally. I enjoy the freedom that digital allows as I like to be able to review an image as soon as it is taken or delete an image if needed.

TCS: In the end, do you believe that film photography will be totally replaced by digital photography?

SS: Not completely. Although we are moving into a more digital generation and there is so much flexibility with digital photography. With that, I think film photography has such a rich quality which cannot be completely duplicated digitally.

TCS: During a photography job how many rolls do you typically shoot?

SS: Since I use digital and not film I do not go through rolls. The amount of frames taken really depends on the subject(s) being photographed.

TCS: Where is Sheronda Seawright Photography located and what specific geographic areas do you serve?

SS: Sheronda Seawright Photography is located in Woodlyn, PA (Delaware County). We work primarily in the Greater Philadelphia region. We serve Philadelphia, Delaware County (including Woodlyn, Ridley, Swarthmore, Media, Springfield, Drexel Hill, Upper Darby and Sharon Hill) and Southern NJ.

TCS: What type of photography jobs does Sheronda Seawright Photography typically do (i.e., weddings, company parties, headshots, etc.)?

SS: We provide portrait photography services for individuals/headshots, couples, children, families and maternity. Additionally, Sheronda Seawright Photography also provides special event services such as weddings, wedding showers, birthday celebrations, corporate/personal banquets, etc.

TCS: What is Sheronda Seawright Photography’s website and what can prospective clients see or do on the site?

SS: The website is Prospective clients visiting the site can discover additional information regarding my background as a photographer, view videos and image galleries as well as obtain contact details to hire me for a project.


TCS: How do you market your business (i.e., referrals, advertising such as print and online marketing)?

SS: I currently market Sheronda Seawright Photography through local listing platforms within Google and Yahoo. I also market my services through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition I encourage and provide incentives for my customers to promote the business as well.

TCS: Have you embraced Social Media to promote your business (i.e. Yes/No and why)?

SS: Yes, I use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote my business. As a small business owner, keeping cost down is very important. These platforms allow me to market my services over the internet for free. I also enjoy being able to communicate to my Facebook and Twitter Followers.

TCS: Can you describe your average customer (i.e., location, age, income, likes and dislikes)?

SS: Sheronda Seawright Photography clients are located within the Greater Philadelphia region. My clients are individuals that are creative and value professional photography. My clients have a clear idea of what they want in a photographer and are well prepared for their sessions.

TCS: What is the best way to contact you about a photography job?

SS: The best ways to contact Sheronda Seawright Photography is by phone at 610.476.5630 or Contact Us through our website.


TCS: What separates you from other photographers?

SS: As a photographer, I am all about 100% client satisfaction. I am honored when I am called upon to provide photography services. I ensure that the entire photo shoot is all about the client and not about me. Additionally, I also take great pride in going above and beyond my client expectations. I am very meticulous with regards to meeting client deadlines and providing quality services.

TCS: Do you offer satisfaction guarantees on your work? And, How you do handle difficult customers?

SS: Yes. Our work is 100% guaranteed; Sheronda Seawright Photography will always stand by this promise. I am happy to say that I have not had a difficult customer (or at least I did not notice it). It is very important to understand my customers’ expectations and needs. I firmly believe that the customer is always right as long as their request does not comprise the integrity of Sheronda Seawright Photography. I make it a point to be upfront and honest no matter the outcome.

TCS: What is the most exciting photography project you have worked on to date?

SS: The most exciting session was with my nephew’s 1st birthday shoot. My family attended the photo shoot. My family and I had so much fun watching my nephew pose and really enjoy himself during the entire shoot. I truly cherish the moments when I am able to spend time with my family while doing something that I love so much.

TCS: What is the best and worst part of being a photographer?

SS: The best part about being a photographer is the emotion I see on my clients faces after they have seen their images for the first time. I have witnessed smiles, tears of joy, and great excitement. It really makes me feel good to see the impact I have made in my clients lives. There is no worst part about being a photographer, I am blessed to have the talent that I possess and will continue to be humble because I view photography as a gift that I would not ever want taken away from me.

Why Should You Hire Sheronda Seawright Photography


A smile, a frown, a silly face, a glance, or a special embrace are all moments that often simply fade in our minds, but a photographer immortalizes them forever. Sheronda Seawright Photography’s owner, Sheronda Seawright, brings knowledge and experience along with an unmatched ability to put people at ease, to every occasion she photographs.

With the help and support of Sheronda’s family, friends, business associates and clients, she strives to achieve her goal of providing an unforgettable experience with superior photographs, exceptional client focus and building long lasting relationships. Essentially, a photo shoot with Sheronda Seawright Photography is all about having fun. She is never intrusive or overbearing. She will never rush through sessions nor leave until the predetermined mutual goals of that perfect photo are achieved. She promises to provide her clients with the experience of a lifetime.

Although Sheronda Seawright Photography specializes in portraiture photography, Sheronda is always interested in working with new and unique projects as well, including maternity and other special events. Each session is individually styled to match each of her clients’ unique personalities and interest.

Portrait sessions are held in studio or location of your choice in the Greater Philadelphia area on Saturdays and Sundays only. Portrait session fees began at $125 and print packages begin at $75. A variety of products are available including fine art canvases, image albums, holiday & event greeting cards, etc. Investment includes pre-consultation meeting, portrait session, image retouching, and session review. For a full product and pricing list, please contact at 610.476.5630.

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