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Written by: Frank Iacono

John Vattima

Summer is just around the corner, and that means you will be spending more time outdoors! This season, transform your dull and boring home into your favorite vacation destination for enjoying the warmth of the sunshine with a smart investment in beautiful, custom-built landscaping.

If you have a garden planned you already know you need more than just plants. Beyond flowers and grasses a lovely garden is comprised of the stones and soil that house the vegetation. Hardscapes and stonework are unique creations themselves and should be given ample attention when designing a backyard, garden or other home landscape.

Custom enhancements can both accentuate and alter backyard architectural designs ─ turning impersonal, ordinary areas like patios and walkways, steps and entrance ways, paths and driveways as well as outdoor pools into warm, inviting places fostering fun and excitement. Homes graced with beautiful, elegant outdoor accents add immediate appeal to any home and speaks volumes about the unique style of the homeowner.

Approximately 9 years ago John Vattima and his brother Timmy created a new walkway and patio for their mother on Mother’s Day and they were both so impressed with the final product, as were others, that they decided to start a business designing and installing them. The name of their company is Heavenly Hardscapes and they provide many different types of services to maximize the beauty and value of their customers’ outdoor living space.

In this edition of The Creative Spotlight, I am happy to have John join me and share the Heavenly Hardscapes story.

Q&A Session

The Creative Spotlight: If you weren’t in this business what would you be doing?

John Vattima: Before starting this business, I was a mechanical design engineer for about 20 years. If I hadn’t started my own company, I guess I would still be doing that type of work. I like working with my hands and creating things and Heavenly Hardscapes allows me to do that.

TCS: Where is your company located?

JV: We are located at 1527 Evans Avenue in Prospect Park, PA 19076.

TCS: What services do you offer?

JV: Heavenly Hardscapes provides:

  • Hardscaping
    • Patios and Walkways
    • Steps and Entrance Ways
    • Paths and Driveways
    • Decorative Stonework
    • Garden and Retaining Walls
    • Pool Hardscaping
    • Residential Hardscaping
    • Yard Hardscaping
    • Fire Pits
    • Pieces for Water Gardens
    • Custom Lighting
  • Wooden Structures
    • Custom Sheds
    • Decks
    • Gazebos
    • Fencing
  • Additional Services
    • Power Washing
    • Landscaping and Maintenance
    • Snow Removal
Heavenly Hardscapes

TCS: What areas do you service (i.e. specific geographic location)?

JV: We serve Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

TCS: What are your hours of operation?

JV: We are open 6 days a week typically starting at usually 7 am and going until 6 pm.

TCS: How long have you been in business?

JV: This is our ninth year and our third year under the name Heavenly Hardscapes.

TCS: Are you a member of any local businesses or organizations?

JV: Yes, we are members of Midlantic Business Alliance.

TCS: Do you offer FREE in-home estimates?

JV: Yes, all of our estimates and initial design layouts are FREE of charge for the customer.

TCS: What are your most requested projects?

JV: Our most requested projects are Patios and Retaining Walls.

TCS: What type of home-based projects do you do more often than others?

JV: The home projects that we do more of than others are Patios.

TCS: What separates you from your competition?

JV: We are a family owned and run business and we only deal with stone work.

TCS: Do you offer satisfaction guarantees on the projects you work on?

JV: Yes, we offer a five-year warranty on all projects that we work on.

TCS: What is your website address and what can your prospective customers see or do on your site?

JV: Our company website is On the site, prospective customers can see some of our recent projects, learn about the company and obtain contact information.

Heavenly Hardscapes

TCS: How do you market your business (i.e. referrals, advertising such as print and online marketing)?

JV: Most of our business has been coming from Facebook. But, more and more projects are coming from referrals.

TCS: Have you embraced Social Media to promote your business (i.e. Yes/No and why)?

JV: As I mentioned, we are using Facebook. Facebook seems to reach a wide audience.

TCS: Can you describe your average customer (i.e., location, age, income, likes and dislikes)?

JV: Our average customer is a female aged 30-45 who lives in the Media, PA or Wallingford, PA area.

TCS: Who typically makes the decision for your projects, the male or female in the household?

JV: Typically the female in the household makes the final decision on projects.

TCS: What is the best way to contact you about a home-based project?

JV: If you have a project for us, please contact us at 610-322-0542 or through our website,

TCS: Do you offer coupons for certain projects?

JV: We rarely offer coupons because we try to offer the best price we can for a quality job.

TCS: What is the most exciting project you have worked on to date?

JV: I would have to say the project we did in Coatesville, PA ─ very large deck leading down to a two tiered patio with a fire pit.

TCS: What is the best part of working on a project?

JV: I would have to say the completion of the project and looking at what we’ve created.

TCS: What is the worst part of working on a project?

JV: Moving around all the material for completing a project ─ it’s very heavy.

TCS: How you do handle difficult customers?

JV: We do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.

TCS: Is your business a year-long business?

JV: Yes. The only thing that stops us from working all year-long is either rain or snow.

TCS: What type of work do you do during the winter months?

JV: Since we experienced such a warm winter this past season (2011-2012) it was good from our perspective since we were still able to work outside.

TCS: Is there talk of expansion for the company?

JV: We have a secondary business called “Heavenly Homes Construction.” With that business we do any and all house work including kitchens and baths, basements and decks additions.

Why Should You Hire Heavenly Hardscapes

Why Should You Hire Heavenly Hardscapes

If you’ve been considering an outdoor home improvement project, spring time is the right time. Heavenly Hardscapes understands that its customers want a unique hardscape to enhance their property. With that, they specialize in hardscaping design and construction and can create truly beautiful works that compliment any floral landscape.

Heavenly Hardscapes provides professional custom-built work, with the highest levels of craftsmanship. So the next time you look outside and do not see the yard, driveway, patio or front walk of your dreams, give them a call and watch your home’s surroundings transform from your vision into reality.

Heavenly Hardscapes is experienced at working with a variety of stone types and tiles and will gladly customize a hardscape to suit your project goals and objectives. Big, small, simple or complex, Heavenly Hardscapes will help you design your new hardscape and then build it to your precise specifications.

Whatever your hardscape needs, Heavenly Hardscapes will help meet them with a measure of quality that is unmatched by the competition. If you are prepared to complete a home-based landscape project, please contact John and Heavenly Hardscapes for a free in-home computerized consultation today at 610-322-0542 or visit You won’t believe the difference!

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